md SAH19 Dog Boarding08In addition to overnight and long-term boarding, we offer Day Care for any puppy or adult dog in need of companionship while you're at work or away for the day.

Our modern facility offers both indoor and outdoor runs in a climate-controlled environment. The soothing music and the beautifully landscaped court yard provide a homelike setting.

Each run has a 4 x 4 foot indoor suite with a Lexan window for outdoor viewing and a door that leads to a 4 x 10 foot outdoor patio. Off-the-floor cots are available a nominal charge. During your dog's stay at The Animal Care Center Boarding facility, they are fed Eukanuba maintenance diet. However, if you choose to supply another brand for your puppy or dog, you may do so.

md SAH19 Dog Boarding08All suites and patios are Sani-Kennels, a new design by the Mason Fence Company which prevents contact between adjacent dogs.

Dog boarding

Tender Loving Care Service

md SA groomingOur TLC service is for any dog that enjoys special attention. It's a time when your pet is allowed to run and play in the back yard on a flexi retractable leash. TLC is great for newcomers, pets that are being exposed to their first time boarding experience and is perfect for the pampered pet. It's also terrific for an active pet that needs to use up some energy and very beneficial to the geriatric dog who needs daily walking to prevent stiffening.

Since TLC is an optional service, customized for your individual pet, you can schedule activities as you wish.


Please let us know at time of drop off when you want your pet to be bathed or groomed. We usually bath your pet the day it goes home. 

Services Offered

The Animal Care Center of Salisbury was designed to offer the pet-owning public an opportunity to fulfill all their animal care needs at one location.

  • Salisbury Animal Hospital, P.A.
  • Retail Pet Store that includes flea tick and heartworm preventatives
  • Boarding facility with indoor/outdoor kennels and no-leash exercise area
  • Cat boarding with exercise area
  • Pet Grooming (haircuts for dogs and cats by appointment)
  • Pet bathing (drop off in a.m. no appointment needed)
  • Puppy and kitten adoption service

Conveniently Located

Hours of Operation


closedlunch(704) 637-0227

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Special Sunday Hours
for Boarded Pet Pick Up:

5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pets not picked up Saturday may be picked up on Sunday.

Carolina Car Quarters

All-Bree Pet Grooming

Piedmont Canine Boarding